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Skyline Hospital was originally constructed in 1952 through the Hill-Burton Act, with the addition of one wing in the early 1970s. A second $2.7 million renovation (funded through a super-majority bond) in 1998 enhanced the facility with a surgery suite, an emergency room, physical therapy building, laboratory and admitting area. A year later, the hospital purchased an adjoiningseven-acre parcel of land to facilitate our long-range plans.

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Faq & Stuff

Will i feel pains during transplantation?

No, the pains is totally unbearable and as such our surgeons will place you on anaesthetic drugs before the operation to have a painless experience.

How long do i need to stay after donating an organ?

If you're a donor, you'll stay in the hospital about a week. You may feel weak and tired after your surgery. Expect to feel some pain. It's perfectly normal, and you can get relief easily with pain medication.

What organs can come from living donors?

The organ most commonly given by a living donor is the kidney. Parts of other organs including the lung, liver and pancreas are now being transplanted from living donors.


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The Medical Team

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PHD Surgeon

Anna Gustav

PHD Surgeon

Phillip Williams

PHD Surgeon

Gina James

PHD Surgeon

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